1.AdvCodeEvo transponder list. This will tell you the transponder type and what to write to and can it be written.

kat advcode


2.Silca brand-model transponder catalogue.

kat keys


3.Keyline brand-model transponder catalogue.

kat keyline


4.KD900 brand-model remote catalogue.

kat kd900


5.Procedures. Manual programming procedures (cars and motorcycles).

kat procedures


6.Sockets. Locations of diagnostic sockets.


This will identify where the diagnostic socket is for the car.

Select the car and model and the red dot will tell you where to look for the diagnostic point.

kat sockets


7.AD100 PRO/MVP PRO. Cable, dongle list.

kat ad100


8.AD100 PRO Truck. Cable, dongle list.

kat ad100 truck


9.Remote. Manual for remote programming - Europe.

kat remote


10.Remote US. Manual for remote programming - US.

kat remote us


11. Immo  locations of immobilizers.


In the Immo section will help you locate where the immobiliser unit is in the vehicle.

Select make and model and find where the red dot is.

kat immo


12. VAG.


    VAG engine.

When doing key coding to VAG vehicles it is necessary to know the engine type of the car you are working on to help on key programming.

On the sample below we have selected an Audi A2 and it is a 1.2tdi PD and 45KW and the engine code is “ANY”.


kat vag



    Dashboard pin positioning.


kat vag1


13. Remote synchro. Manual for remote synchronizing.

kat remote synchro