Can be cloned.


immo 4d 1 immo 4d 11


Additional info:

TX-6F - transponder crypto2(80bit) in 40 bit mode

TPX2 - TPX2 transponder

ADX/CN2 - ADX or CN2 transponder

CN5 - CN5 transponder

LKP02 - LKP02 transponder


If Pg4 is decoded you can directly copy the transponder. Without decoding its possible to clone

67, 68, 69, some 6A, 70 Europe, 71, 72.

According to settings in Setup page its possible to decode Pg4

Internet online decoder.
Offline decoder using PC decrypting tables.
Using TPX cloner connected to base unit.


Click Decode to start Pg4 decoding and wait for end of decrypting.


immo 4d 5


Put EH2,TPX2,ADX,CN2,CN5,LKP02 (EH2,TPX2,CN5,LKP02 for ID:64) transponder into base unit and click Write.


You can add transponder info with additional notes to database - Add to list.


immo 11 db