Toyota G Page1:36,56,96,37,57,97 can be cloned.


KIA/Hyundai can be cloned.


Ford can be cloned .


Some unlocked can be cloned.




toyg        6E kia-hyundai Can be cloned directly


ford 6e-63  Can be cloned directly


ford 6e-63 web ssang 6e Must be decoded online


click Decode.


immo 6E web1        OR        serwer 6E


click Connect to connect to internet server and start decoding.


immo 6E web2        OR        serwer 6E 1



immo 6E web3        OR        serwer 6E 2


After success decoder window will be closed.


Additional info:

CN5 - CN5 transponder

LKP02 - LKP02 transponder


Put CN5,LKP02  transponder into base unit and click Write.





Can't be cloned.