Some (Daewoo-Chevrolet) can be cloned directly.

All others using PC program.


Directly cloning:


Warning! Software package P8 required.


nnDSC_0185 48 wr

WR indicates that transponder can be cloned directly.

If there is no WR and its transponder from KIA vehicle you can try copy the key using PC program KIA ID:48.



Press key write.


Choose transponder to write using up/down keys:


DSC_0186 write 48


Put transponder to write to the antenna.


Press key enter to write or key back to return.


Wait for the end of procedure:


DSC_0133 wr success




DSC_0132 wr error


Press key back to return.



Additional info:


CR - ID:48 UM1

CR2 - ID:48 UM1+UM2

A1 VW - VAG CAN A1 Volkswagen

A2 AU - VAG CAN A2 Audi

A3 SE - VAG CAN A3 Seat

A4 SK        - VAG CAn A4 Skoda

T48        - Silca T48


If transponder is locked you will see LCK message below additional info.


Press key f4 to check ID:48 type: ID:48 or ID:48w/CN6.


DSC_0150 48 ID:48

DSC_0151 48w ID:48w/CN6