Can be cloned standalone on TPX3/4  with connected JMA TPH cloner.

Without cloner using PC software.

For TK60 and ID:46w/w2 PC software must be used.


nnDSC_0149 46 7946 unlock

nnDSC_0173 46 lck

nnDSC_0160 46 tk60

nnDSC_0162 46 tpx3

nnDSC_0178 46w

nnDSC_0179 46w2

TPH cloner should be connected to base unit RS232 socket using original RS232 cable delivered with cloner for connection

with TRS5000 device.




Press key write.


Choose transponder to write using up/down keys:


DSC_0174 wr tpx3


Press key enter to write or key back to return.


If cloner is not connected


DSC_0175 tphcloner no


press key back to return.


Start decoding.

Commands will be displayed  on LCD screen in the same way like for TRS5000+TPH cloner.

See TPH cloner manual.