1.Calculation transponder code from eeprom data and special functions.
Prepare Temic 11 transponder data (from 3 bytes).
Prepare Temic 11 transponder data (from 4 bytes).
Prepare Temic 12 transponder data.
Prepare Megmos 13 transponder data.
Prepare Texas 4C transponder data.
Prepare Renault 33 transponder data.
Prepare Nissan 33 transponder data.
Prepare VW 33 transponder data.

special 1

Choose transponder type.

special 2

Click Calculate.

special 4

Type the EEP bytes from the immobiliser bin file and click OK.


It will now take you to the Main menu to write the transponder information.

This same function works for all the transponder generators.


Format 4C Tiris - convert Tiris 4C format to Miraclone format .

special 5

Click Calculate.

special 6

Type Tiris data and click Calculate.


Mercedes C,E,G master key transponder programming.

special 7

Put special ID:44AD3/ADM transponder into base unit and click Calculate.

special 8

Choose key number and click OK.


2.VAG VIN ID:48 precoding.


VAG component Security.

Most VAG vehicles from about 2005 onwards are pre-coded from the factory with 7 bytes of information specific to a vin number.

Using various tools on the market you will need to read the true code out of the vehicle. If you get only 6 bytes then you will need to work out the 7th byte.

We know the values for the 7th byte. So insert 6 bytes like the sample and choose the brand of car and press the write button.

By inserting this key in the ignition and using your diagnostic tool the car will tell you if this key is correct.

If not then use the up arrow to advance to the next 7th byte and write this to your transponder. Carry on doing this until you have the correct value.

Now program the transponder to the car.


vag cs 1


vag cs 2


If you know 6 bytes of CS and you have working key there is possibility to find 7th byte from the key.

Put working key into base unit and click Find from key.


vag cs 3

Click START to search.


Additional functions are:

Reset Component Security - remove CS from the key.

Lock Transponder - locks ID:48 transponder, eg. for VW Passat transponder must be locked while coding in the car.


3.Kessy ID:46 precoding.

Writing CS (precoding)  Kessy system ID:46 transponder .

kessy 1

kessy 2

You can type manually CS and make transponder or load ECU file.

If ECU file contain all 7 bytes of CS you can make transponder.

kessy 3

If there is only 6 bytes in ECU you need working key to extract 7th byte (click Key and next START).

kessy 4 kessy 6

If 7th byte will be found you will be able to prepare transponder.


4.Unlocking functions.


EML charge.

       This is for charging the battery on BMW keys.

eml charge

Click START to begin process.

Unlock ID:48.

Unlock ID:48 transponders. Unlocked transponders can be re-used again.


Not all transponders can be unlocked.

Unlock Chrysler ID:46.

Unlocking Chrysler remote keys.

unlock chrysler

Click START to begin process.

Unlock Jeep Commander ID:46.

Unlocking Jeep Commander remote keys.

unlock jeep

Click START to begin process.

Unlock Honda ID:46.

Unlock some Honda ID:46 (PCF7936, PCF7961) transponders - restore factory transponder (Hitag2) settings.

Unlock KIA/Hyundai ID:46.

unlock kia

Click START to begin process.

Reset VAG CAN ID:48.

 Reset VAG CAN ID:48 to Megamos crypto factory settings.

Unlock Suzuki ID:46.

Unlock some Suzuki ID:46 transponders - restore factory transponder (Hitag2) settings.

Unlock China BMW remote key.

Unlock China BMW remote keys based on PCF7945.  Unlocked remote key can be re-used again.



Reset Toyota/Lexus/Subaru smart keys.

Reset smart keys ID:6A,6B,74,75(Pg1:39, A9) - 40,80,128bit.



DSC_3970_key11 tr_read3s


For 6A,6B you can perform additional battery test and blank test.