Can be cloned:


ID:67, 68, 69, some 6A, 70Europe, 71, 72 - standalone

Others using PC software or with connected JMA TPX cloner.


Warning! Software package P1 required for cloning on TPX2.



nnDSC_0164 67-6F


Additional info:


nDSC_0154 60-6F

nDSC_0156 60 tpx2

nDSC_0159 60 adx


CN5 - CN5 transponder

LKP02 - LKP02 transponder



When Page4 is visible transponder can be cloned directly.


Press key write.


Choose transponder to write using up/down keys:


DSC_0148 wr tpx2 EH2,TPX2,ADX,CN2,CN5,LKP02 (for ID:64 EH2,TPX2,CN5,LKP02)


Put transponder to write to the antenna.


Press key enter to write or key back to return.


Wait for the end of procedure:


DSC_0133 wr success




DSC_0132 wr error


Press key back to return.


When Page4 is not visible you can use PC program to clone transponder or decode crypto code

using JMA TPX cloner connected to base unit.


TPX cloner should be connected to base unit RS232 socket using original RS232 cable delivered with cloner for connection

with TRS5000 device.




Press key write.


If cloner is not connected


DSC_0140 tpxclon err press key back to return,


otherwise wait for the end of decoding.


When Page4 will be visible copy transponder as described above.